This is a specialized miniature magazine published in New Zealand.  It focuses on the amazing talent we have here in Australia and New Zealand; in other words, 'down under'  to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere.

The workshops and projects that individual miniaturists or clubs are now doing have an increasingly Antipodean flavor

That doesn't exclude traditional miniature Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Arts Movement houses. Far from it. In fact a lot of our settlers brought the Victorian culture and influence into our countries at the time of their landing and this had a marked and important influence on our full sized architecture and furnishings.  Now our own individual stamp is being put on our miniature work.   There are a lot of Australian Queenslanders' and New Zealand Villas being created. More representative of us you could say.

We work hard to provide topical workshops and design these around the theme for the magazine. They are all original and hopefully you will find them stimulating and sending you off into new directions.

Editor Jill Fraser


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"I like it a lot, interesting to see what’s going on ‘down under’ in the mini world and your DIY’s are very good.  Different". Jan, UK

"I love your magazine!" Sue, USA.

"I got the magazines- I love them. NZ seems to have a thriving miniature community !" Narelle, Australia

"I have spent the morning looking through the back issues – lots of great stuff in there. It was good to find a local magazine that has information on what is happening around NZ. Lots of ideas in there to inspire me.". Jenner, New Zealand