18 June 2020 V2

June 2020 Winter Issue 18 Coming events NZAME Convention … Theme – ‘A trip down memory lane’ When – 23rd to 27th of October, 2020 Where – Rangi Ruru Girl’s School, Merivale , Christchurch Deferred until 2021 Spot Mac on his time travels in this magazine. Don’t count these pictures. Clue: his white hair Win a hand painted framed artwork for your 12th scale wall. This will be posted to the first correct entry received. Open to all readers. Finishes 1st August 2020. Email your answer to miniaturetimetimetraveller@gmail.com April’s winner was John Oliver, Timaru. New Zealand Sadly but sensibly all Miniature shows and club meetings have been deferred until we are all safely out of lockdown. Some will be able to open perhaps in October, November depending on how we are all tracking with new Covid cases. Meanwhile, clubs and miniaturists have been ramping up their Facebook pages. There are some good selling sites to look at as well. Keep safe, keep cool and see you all soon.