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Here is the latest clue in our "Guess the Doll House" competition.

It is sometimes called a Castle, rather than a Doll House.

Earlier clues were:
1. The house name is linked to the work of a famous English poet
2. The house has 29 rooms
3. The poet's name is Alfred Tennyson

Remember, every person who correctly identifies which famous Dollhouse the accompanying photo is from before 30 September, goes into the draw to receive 3 free issues of our magazine.

We post a clue every Monday in as a blog post, until end September, so keep checking back for hints. Email your entries to

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Free Project – Shabby Chic Screen

With many of us still in lock-down, I have been thinking about what to share that will help folk use their enforced time at home productively. Attached is a link to a project for a Shabby Chic Screen; it is a reproduction of the 19th Century screen on the right. The link is to a free PDF file you can download, copy, share or print. Let me know what you think. If the response is positive, I'll post a fresh project regularly; subscribe to my blog to get notifications when the become available. 

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Time for a new competition – Win free magazines!! New Clue (1/Sept/20)

Second clue (1 Sept.): Second week of our 'Guess the Doll House' competition to win free magazines. So time for the second clue, which is: in addition to the room shown, there are 28 more. 29 in total. There is more helpful information in the original post. A new clue will be posted each Monday. Keep a watch on our website or Facebook page to see them as soon as published 

In the August 2020 issue of Miniature Time Traveller Magazine, we announced the latest of our 'Identify the Dollhouse' competitions.

Every person who correctly identifies which famous Dollhouse the photo on the left is from, before 30 September, will go into the draw to receive 3 free issues of our magazine.

We will post a clue every Monday in this blog post, until end September, so keep checking back for hints.

First clue for Monday 24 August: The first hint is that the name of the house is linked to the work of an English poet of the 19th Century

Third clue for our "Guess the Dollhouse" competition. See our previous posts for the earlier clues. This week's clue is that the name is derived from a poem by Alfred Tennyson.

Send your answers to . The editors decision is final and no correspondence on the results will be entered into. Closing date is 30/9/20

Miniatures during Lock Down

Now that we are back down at Level 1, all New Zealand miniaturists are shaking off the shackles. Certainly here at Miniature Time Traveller magazine that's the case!! We have published two issues in quick succession (April 2020 and June 2020). The June issue has some great projects to work on alone or at your club. This issue has knitting projects (see photo of 'Peggy Sue' attached), projects for your kids or grand-children, a 24th scale table and chairs, a modern white and chrome kitchen table and chairs, and reviews of visits to talented miniaturists Verna Snowden and Vicki Morris (both who live in Palmerston North, in New Zealand)


We have a winner! Kathleen Gallavan, of Greytown, New Zealand, correctly advised it is Audley End House! Kathleen's price has already been posted off!

"Which historic house" quiz!!

We need to know the name of the Doll's House which the photo below shows one room of. So far the clues have been:
1. Location UK (latter clue said England)
2. There was a hint on page 13 of issue 16 of our magazine .
3. The house was made in the 19th century
4. It is a 3 story house
5. It is located in a stately home in County Essex
6. The stately home was used by Charles II for a time.

This weeks clue is that the house is regarded as one of the finest Jacobean residences in England. To help further I can advise that the stately home, the house is located in, is near the village of Saffron Walden.

It should be easy now!

First correct entry emailed to will be the winner of three free copies of our magazine (if the winner is already an existing subscriber, they will enjoy a free 3 issue extension to their sub for free).

Katherine Mansfield House visit, November 2019

At the moment the house, the birthplace of NZ writer Katherine Mansfield has an exhibition designed around the doll house, her dollhouse, that she wrote about. The Lower Hutt Miniature Makers were instrumental in refurbishing this house a few years ago. This year they have supported the Trust in providing some of the members miniature houses and work to augment the exhibition and it is well worth a visit.

Time for some small fun!!

Update: 22/7/19: No correct answer yet, so a fresh clue: It's somewhere in the USA.

Let me know where you think this photograph was taken, and win a free copy of my magazine 'Miniature Time Traveller'. Feel free to share news of the competition with your friends. Think globally! The winner will be the first correct response sent to our email

All incorrect responses will go into a monthly magazine draw as well, so make a guess, and send in your thoughts. No risk, and a bit of fun.

I will release a little more information on the location of the piece each week, until a winner is found, so check back regularly to see more clues if you need them. Once this one is concluded and a winner announced, we will start a fresh search. Warm regards, Jill