COMPETITION – We have a Winner of our Free Magazines!!

Wow, that was fast!!! Congratulations to Marie Scott, of Temuka, New Zealand, who very quickly won our prize for naming the doll house in our competition!! It is indeed the Hammond House, one of a large collection on display at The National Trust’s Wallington House in Northumberland (in the village of Cambo, near Morpeth).

The doll’s house room at Wallington is a favourite with all generations of visitors, with 18 beautiful houses on display. The oldest house dates back to 1835, while we think the Hammond House is the jewel in the crown of the whole collection. This special house has 36 fully-furnished rooms, 1,500 pieces of furniture and 77 china faced dolls. It is fitted with electric lights in every room and even used to have running water.

It is ‘must visit’ on every miniaturist’s ‘bucket list’.

The Dolls House Room, Wallington House, Northumberland

Original Post: OK, time for a bit of fun - the first person to guess the name of the well known doll's house shown in the image below will win 3 free copies of our publication. If the winner is an existing subscriber, the free magazines will be added onto the term of their existing subscription. I will post an extra clue every week until the prize is won.

You can enter in a number of ways: via the comments for on our website, by emailing me at, or via a comment on our Facebook page. If there is more than one correct entry on the same date, the winner will be determined by the time of entry GMT. Judges decision final and no correspondence will be entered into

The first clue is that the house is located somewhere in the UK. Website clue: The doll's house is actually located in a stately home somewhere in the UK. Come back next Monday for the second clue!