Steampunk month

It is Steampunk month in my dollhouse. My poor Beacon Hill House has had two transformations and it is not even finished yet. One of those kits that has baffled me at every turn. I see finished ones, beautifully done, and save them for later scrutiny but no sign of the angst I had trying to assemble it straight and true. After ignoring it in disgust I remotivated myself by changing it from what was going to be a dilapidated child's dollhouse based on a 1700's New Orleans Mansion to what is now my Steampunk Mansion. How have I done this? I started on the ground floor in the Kitchen. Worked my way past the front entry and have started on the bathroom. Room by room, when I have time, is my mantra these days. Then last month I got a wriggle on and started making old telephones, lighting, a steam cabinet, and knitted a Steampunk winter coat in 12th scale.

The pattern for this appears in the August issue

Steampunk Month Aquariums

Got to thinking outside the square when I wanted to fit something into the Steampunk bathroom. Looking through the stash I came up with this little aquarium perched on a stand made from 'found' items. I didn't put any sort of water enhancement in this one. The following one, more Art Deco in Style, got resin. But the downside of this was the resin knocked my carefully created and somewhat fragile goldfish around and it lost its fins. And the resin shrunk. I had to refill to the top. Not sure what the answer is there. Maybe just stick to pretend non-existent water.

Steampunk lighting

Lights made from all sorts of 'stuff'.

These are powered by a LED light.

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