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August 2018 Issue - Miniature Time Traveller Magazine - Single copy only. Postage extra.

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IMPORTANT: this listing is for purchase of the 7TH ISSUE (August 2018) only. If you prefer to purchase an annual subscription at $45 (for 6 copies), please see the accompanying listing.

We recently announced the publication of a new miniatures magazine entitled ‘The Miniature Time Traveller’. Our goal is to tell the world about New Zealand and Australia's clever miniaturists.

Features this month include profiles on miniaturists Nigel Ogle of Tawhiti Museum, Lynn Palmer from South Australia, Barbara Purves of Christchurch, Nerida O'Callaghan Sydney and Reynold Turner of Cromwell. There are interesting features on the Jacobeans and Superstition in miniature.

There is a prize for finding 'Miniature Time Traveller Mac' which has been popular. There are workshops on making Bagpipes and a Haggis and Spring Flowers.

The feedback on earlier editions was very positive and several of the helpful suggestions from readers have been incorporated into subsequent issues.

This is not hard work for me. The talented people we have around us is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy putting this magazine together. Already I am working on the next issue.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions on future content, or indeed if you have a story you'd like published. My email is

FREE BOOK: All subscribers go into a draw for a book on miniatures with every issue.

Please contact me if you have any questions. My email is

The magazine is bi-monthly publication (6 a year) and retails for NZD $9.50 per issue or NZD $45 a year (6 issues). Postage is extra. Rates for all international markets are shown below. Price and postage costs in this listing are for a single issue only.

Warm regards, Jill

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