A Down-Under Xmas

Miniature Christmas Dinner

Just right for lunch; shrimp and salmon starter, NZ Scallops in  their shells, and a NZ Crayfish, accompanied by a salad and fresh bread rolls. Yum!  Just not in twelfth scale like the food above. The big difference between a Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere and one down here in the Pacific must be the food.  For many years we have still cooked traditional Christmas Fare.  However, in the last ten years or so, our family have looked anew at the temperatures on the day, and the families expectations and now we are more likely to have a light Christmas lunch with seafood dishes and salads and fruit based deserts or Mum's never fail Pavlova.

We keep the roast turkey and roast potatoes, new peas and lots of gravy and plum puddings until the cooler evening.

Miniature Christmas Turkey

This looks delicious, all made in Fimo in a workshop I took at the club one Christmas.