Project 1: Black Leather Side Table

I had such great feedback on my last project recycling toilet rolls! That led me to design a more up-market table. So here you have it. A really attractive miniature black leather side table for a gentleman's den, in 12th scale. If you would like to make it yourself, just go to our website and download a free PDF of the project. Comprehensive design, materials, instructions, and suggestions are all included.

Black Leather Side Table

The miniature black leather side table project plans are available at no charge. You can freely share with friends and other miniaturists if you wish. Please do credit me for the creative content. That is always very much appreciated. There are other free projects for download on our website. Go to Miniature Time Traveller to access them.

get a lot of excellent feedback on my work, and there are always at least 3 brand new exciting projects in each issue of my Miniature Time Traveller magazine. This highly regarded magazine is published bi-monthly. It has a strong focus on the work of New Zealand and Australian miniaturists. The magazine also contains detailed reviews of shows and conventions, interviews with talented miniaturists, fun children's projects, and articles on miniatures in general. Subscription details for print copies are here. For the publication in digital e-magazine format click here. All digital subscriptions enjoy a 14 day free trial period, at no cost. To preview an earlier issue, here is a link to a free digital copy. Lastly, follow my blog to be kept informed of new free projects as I publish them. Regards to all, Jill

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