A little bit of Steampunk

The Steampunk Design movement has always intrigued me as as a miniaturist I am free to explore whatever idea wings it's way into my head without changing my own wardrobe, or redecorating the house. Ha! As if hubby would allow that! So with my new transfer experiences I have produced material that suited my new lounge suite (12th scale) and decorated several book covers (one inch high). Where was I to put these new made things - my Beacon Hill kit house that was languishing half made for two years and making me feel guilty, suddenly attained new desirability. It will be a Steampunk Mansion. Hurrah! All keen to get it finished again. But, woe, all those little fiddly details had to have three coats of paint and a good sand down. This will be some story to pass on in the new year. Best wishes to everyone.

Steampunk Lounge Chair
Steampunk Miniature Creations