Gypsy Wagon Exterior Finished! Plus Some Modern Trucks!! And a Bentley I received for Christmas!!!

Well, it's day 22 of my 2024 'Year in the Life of a Miniaturist' diary, and the exterior of my miniature gypsy wagon is finished! Let me know what you think. I did wake up in the middle of the night and devise a way to enable the roof to open, so the interior can be viewed as well. What I liked is that the mechanism is in keeping with the gypsy theme. Just the interior to finish and furnish now, and it will be job well done, and a new miniature mobile home for my sister's miniature felted gypsy occupants. That's tomorrows big mini job. Once the wagon is finished, I will make the file available as a download from my website. While I think of it, I should mention there are heaps of free projects to download on my website now too. Go to and see if of interest. And, while we are in the wheeled vehicle theme, I will show you my miniature trucks and my 12th scale model Bentley. Regards, Jill.