Thinking is a dangerous pastime

I woke up yesterday morning and thought  'I am going to do something about my humongous villa that is taking up space in my workshop.'

I made it as a faithful copy of our old villa. This means it is sprawly,  (a new word!) and can only be properly viewed from the front and the back. I got out my saw. I sawed it in half right down the side of it's passage. Ouch! This left me with a front room and the bay window, and the kitchen.  Additions were required.  First I added on a room for the kitchen and pantry.

Then I consulted all my books on NZ villas and decided I could do a top floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom and extend the bay windows up the front in a very (I thought) clever way. Watch this space.

Restoring miniature fireplace
Absolutely wrecked fireplace
Miniature Fireplace
Braid with gold stitching employed

Right now, I have restored the front parlour fireplace, wall papered the room and sorted the windows.  I have half papered the dining room and have papered the kitchen. I have worked on a wiring plan which involves a false ceiling.  So it is ceilings to do today.

New Miniature Fireplace
All tarted up and now in place.
Miniature Villa in Construction
Half a villa! Waiting for it's top floor

All the while I am thinking, thinking.  For material supplies I am recycling where I can.  The rest I am going to source through In Miniature, from the lovely Jo Wells.

You are now on my thinking journey with me!