A little bird crazy

A little bird crazy flamingo

A painting started it all. It was in my head for about a year then a few weeks ago I finally got it on to canvas, a flamingo tin sign, rather aged. then I went a little bird crazy!

Pompey the parrot

This led to a lot of tropical thoughts and the 12th scale parrot called Pompey made from Fimo took advantage of an old drawer pull, a few washers, and plenty of paint and glue, to make an appearance.

The Pelican Dairy

Another spin off from the Flamingo painting is the Flamingo Café which is being created right now. And another bird clamoring in the wings (oops, sorry about the pun) is Percy the Pelican, another painting of an old tin sign, from my head.

Birdcages - A little bird crazy

But it goes on...... birdcages, 12th ones, started manifesting themselves on my workbench.

Cream Birdgage - A little bird crazy

This cream version will probably end up in my French cottage with canaries! Both of these birdcages are using up surplus materials. Paper clad wire is a bit of a pain and plain uncoated straight lengths have proven to be hard to find. Roger and I soaked three hundred lengths of coated wire on the weekend. Why? To strip them down to the bare wire for the next lot of birdcages to make an appearance. Phew! I need a lie down now. I'm a little bird crazy!

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