Riverside Cottage Part 1

Old Tom is musing over a successful fishing trip on the river

I started off with the club workshop by John Duff - an inside/outside scene. It was to have a Tuscan flavor. My decision was to go with a cottage theme by a river as I had this lovely little boat in my stash for years waiting for a home. However, while working on it I decided I needed to also find a home for some furniture I had been making for the magazine workshops so an idea occurred to me: make a whole cottage that would dovetail into this completed scene like a dollhouse jigsaw puzzle. This is in the making right now. I will keep you posted on the progress. Me and my bright ideas.

Tables & Chairs

In the April Issue of the Miniature Time Traveller, only available digitally at present, free on request, there were instructions for three different stylish chairs. The chairperson of the committee of three demanded they have tables to match! So in the June Issue there will be instructions for three stylish tables.

The first of three side tables, both items made from plumbers PVA piping of different diameters.

Lockdown Kids projects two and three

Now fully committed and seeing the magnificent half page I was allocated in the Saturday issue of the Wairarapa Times Age, the next two projects came quickly. A table to go with the chair and a little space to put them in.

A table made from a soup stock box wrapped with string and an old coaster.
A room made from a cut down cardboard box. (Six pack wine box actually- drank the wine!)

Using Lockdown creatively

Hit with a sudden idea I put together a little project kids could do at home. I sent it off with photos and instructions to the local paper. They loved it and commissioned ten more! Suddenly I was in work!

I started with a simple chair made from a cotton reel, a bottle cap and some card, glue and material.

Please take a seat

While putting the April magazine to bed I have been working on the projects that appear in it. Some fun was had in making chairs out of practically nothing so I am giving you a little preview. Instructions in the Issue out next week.

Making a modern chair from some 25mm plastic plumbing pipe. This thrilled the plumber who now has a different opinion of his commonplace materials!