Save your milk bottle tops

Recycling the tops of the New Zealand milk containers. I use them for glue and paint. I also used them in my bird cage project and now in my rustic vegetable stand. Looking for a project to make out of recycled milk container tops, at the kitchen table? This is a great one. Rather than… Continue reading Save your milk bottle tops

Tudor times in New Zealand!


This hall is made from 3mm foam board, machined Native timbers and a card tile roof. It is a departure for me. While I encourage downunder miniaturists to create our unique styles here, sometimes you just got to go with the Tudor theme because it is so darn creative. This Tudor hall kit was made… Continue reading Tudor times in New Zealand!

Immortalizing family history in miniature

Miniature houses are great places to immortalize your family. Incorporate family photos, favourite pets, interests, and meaningful items into your work. The gentleman’s den was an opportunity for me to carry forward our family history in miniature. This story is in the August issue. This gentleman’s study evolved from the making of an orrery and… Continue reading Immortalizing family history in miniature

Miniature Birds in Felt

Recently I attended a workshop on making miniature felt creatures. Well, if there is anything destined to make one humble this was it. It is probably easier to make larger animals but when you are making tiny ears, it is a painful experience. Those needles are not only sharp, they are barbed. Bandages were supplied… Continue reading Miniature Birds in Felt

Adding punch to your work

In the latest issue I have gone a bit medieval. Inspired by Barbara Keeling’s castle no doubt. I had fun making some stocks. I had even more fun working out how to use LilyPad lighting. This is something you have to explore. It is washable wearable lighting and my school teacher sister had been getting… Continue reading Adding punch to your work

Meet me at the Flamingo Cafe

How ‘Meet me at the Flamingo Cafe’ came about. The story has evolved over my last few posts. First there was the painting of the Flamingo sign. Then the making of the parrot on a perch. Then a rearrangement of my lounge around the painting. Then getting on the computer and designing an Espresso machine… Continue reading Meet me at the Flamingo Cafe

Bird cage developments

Bird cage developments: following on from my birdcage workshop was this lovely result. Maria did things a little differently as she wanted to put more things in the base. She hand painted everything rather than spraying. She used a paper lace rather than cotton lace. The legs were made from beads. She decided to make… Continue reading Bird cage developments

A great project to do

Birds have been on my mind. First it was my paintings of the Flamingo and the Pelican. Then a Fimo parrot made an appearance. Now it is budgie cages! This example is based on a full-size Victorian one I saw in a magazine. It is a great project to do. This is a lovely project… Continue reading A great project to do

A little bird crazy

A painting started it all. It was in my head for about a year then a few weeks ago I finally got it on to canvas, a flamingo tin sign, rather aged. then I went a little bird crazy! This led to a lot of tropical thoughts and the 12th scale parrot called Pompey made… Continue reading A little bird crazy

A Xmas box of projects

All these projects can be found in the December Issue of Miniature Time Traveller. Very easy to do. And if you enjoyed reading this post, why not subscribe to future posts? See us this year at Miniatura or the VAME Convention

Christmas is coming – arghh!

I love Christmas. I love decorating my tree. I love wrapping up presents. What I don’t love is some of the pressures that come with Christmas. Mostly self inflicted. I have my famous Worcestershire Sauce to make (for gifts). Some Limoncello to make (for gifts – mostly) as the lemon tree has produced bigtime this… Continue reading Christmas is coming – arghh!

Riverside Cottage Part 3

I am trying to get this project finished by the end of November. Progress is good. I have completed the top floor. The house slots in nicely with the initial front scene and part of the kitchen. It is a jigsaw house. First came the front scenario, with flagged yard, old fisherman and his boat… Continue reading Riverside Cottage Part 3

Riverside Cottage Part 1

I started off with the club workshop by John Duff – an inside/outside scene. It was to have a Tuscan flavor. My decision was to go with a cottage theme by a river as I had this lovely little boat in my stash for years waiting for a home. However, while working on it I… Continue reading Riverside Cottage Part 1