Miniatures in Polymer Clay

I have realised that I have been using Polymer Clay a lot over the last three weeks and how much it has improved and added to the detail in my doll houses. For example...

Making 12th scale food is fun and all this food apart from the trifle was made by me out of Polymer Clay.

And Stargazy pie, a weird Medieval dish, a fish pie with fish heads poking out of the top. Very popular then. My family aren't keen to try it. But easy to do in 12th scale.

Pumpkins are always satisfying to make in Polymer Clay.

Easter eggs are also easy to make from Fimo.

And since I have slowed down and taken time to create a basic form of any piece and prebaking it, it has been a lot easier to do the final detailing. Now my pieces often go through three or four bakes before they are completed. I can't believe I used to think it could all be done in one pass! Then I started playing with Liquid Sculpey. And exploring making liquid Polymer Clay mixtures and fiddling around with them.

Flowers made from liquid Sculpey coloured with alcohol based inks. (Apart from paper daisies.)

Fish in the Aquarium made from Polymer Clay.

The objective of this blog, and anything I do, is to motivate and inspire and entertain people about doll house miniatures because I think it is such an enriching hobby. I hope you get something out of these blogs. Best wishes.