April Issue of Magazine Released

Time for our magazine subscribers to go to your digital library and start reading!! Heaps of great news and free projects this month. The contents feature the work of Christine Neil of Masterton, New Zealand, while the projects range from Easter eggs, pumpkins, Steampunk tables, and 'Wind in The Willows' figures, to a gypsy wagon! There is a great knitting project for a 12th scale jacket, and we interview Salley Mavor about her little felt folk. All in all, a fabulous read from cover to cover.

Regular features, which include 'Items for Sale', the 'Whatcha been up to' section, a list of forthcoming events and conferences, and a list of back issues for sale, round out the publication. A free digital version of the magazine is available on our website for prospective buyers to review. Simply go to miniaturetimetraveller.com to see the example.


  1. Hello I am in UK but lived in NZ for many years. I have been trying to subscribe to your magazine and web site but it wont let me.

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