A 12th scale aviary in the making.

A recent addition to my Beacon Hill House was an aviary. A lot of colorful birds were intended for this space. This project used up quite a few of my talents. First the back wall was created using egg cartons cut to block sizes, glued to a stout piece of card and then painted black. When that dried it was given a light white wash over it to pick up the texture.

Back wall of aviary

Next came some thinking about water and how to present it. I hit on making a face and having a thin stream of water coming out of it into a small pond. The difficulty here was we were having a few extremely cold days and the resin was slow to cure. In the end I took the whole lot into the house where the heating was on and this did the trick. I poured the resin in two goes. In the first pour I had attached some silk thread from the face to the pond. I poured the resin down the threads. I got some in the bottom of the pond and stopped. Here I inserted some goldfish previously made. I had glued these onto pins so they could sit up in the water and look more realistic. I let that set overnight and in the morning did the second pour, more down the threads and filling up the pond.

Two blue birds

While I was waiting for the resin to set I made some Fimo birds. These were from 1/4" high to 1/2" high so very small. I wanted lots of birds in this twelfth scale aviary. So they have to be in scale.

Canaries and Love Birds

I made these by first forming an exclamation mark in Fimo and poking in eye holes and pinching the beak out with some small pointed pliers. I then marked the wings and cheeks. I poked a hole in their bases for the legs to be inserted. These got baked in the oven at 112 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes. While this was happening I twisted some fine copper wire around a tool pick about 3 times and twisted the free ends together to make a length to go into the body. Even though birds have four toes this looked too much at this small size so went with three per bird. See Scarlet Cardinals below. Remember these birds are 1/2" tall.

When cool I inserted the wire into the bodies and glued on tail feathers cut from real feathers.

The twelfth scale aviary looks empty still. More Birds were made. All in pairs. Into the oven they went. Out they came. Legs on, tail feathers on and on to the next pair. But the result was worth the effort and time. Parrots and Pheasants and perhaps Quails are next. (When next I'm in bird making mood!)

Birds nesting boxes

All these birds needed homes. So a lot of scrap stuff was used to make these stands of nesting boxes. Dowel, skewers, wooden beads, acorn caps for their roof. This was fun!

Birds nesting boxes

Great additions to the aviary. Then it was putting it all together. A few plants to find. Birds to rallied together. Wall to glue in place. Mosses and plants to go on the wall. And then it was finished!

12th scale aviary for Beacon Hill House.

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