Adding An Extra Floor On My Beacon Hill Dolls House

A Year in the Life of A Miniaturist

When you buy a miniature Dolls House Kit don't think you can't improve it! The kit is just the start. So here we are at Day 45 in 'A Year in the Life of a Miniaturist'. Today I continued work on the Steampunk Mansion I am building. I wallpapered little Lily's bedroom, I started designing the 12th scale stairs up to the extra floor I am adding to the original Beacon Hill dolls house kit - these miniature kits did not come with a 4th floor, so I need to improvise from here on. That should be fun! Then I checked the ceiling I designed in yesterday's video fits OK. I'll probably fix that in place tomorrow. I also created a short on my miniature bird cages that will be part of the dollhouse furnishing in due course, so have a look at that too. If you want the instructions to build one of these, just let me know. Yours in miniature! Regards, Jill.


  1. Richard a youtube dollhouse restorer for England has an electric table that adjusts up and down. They have them on Amazon. It’s the answer to a backache.

    1. Hi Karen, thank you so much. That’s a great suggestion!! I’ll check it out for Jill. Regards, Roger.

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