Miniature Challenges

What makes us choose these Miniature Challenges?

First miniature challenge. Miniature Rugby.

On a recent trip to Hamilton New Zealand, a seven hour drive from my home, I caught up with the Waikato Miniature Club. These ladies are not afraid of miniature challenges. Sheryl Ransfield has a double garage full of finished projects and she makes a point of finishing everything she starts. Among the dollhouses and room boxes was this tiny rugby match going on. I loved it! The pen shows the remarkable scale.

Miniature Challenges

Miniature collections of everything.

Next mind boggling visit was to Sheryl Nolan. Well, her girl shed was a miniature challenge in itself. Vying with Sheryl's miniatures were collections of everything else, including Dorothy, her classic Anglia car.

Sheryl on left, myself on right.
Miniature Challenges
Sheryl's miniature challenge

Sheryl's mum was going to throw this 1930's house out but Sheryl rescued it and has been restoring it. She is now looking for 1930's furniture for it.

Tudor House for sale

Miniature Challenges
The Tudor kitchen

The next miniature challenge was at Lynn's place. She has a lovely Tudor house she would like to find a good owner for. I'm not sure what it's value is, on the market, but it is beautifully done and comes with the furniture, some of which is very nice indeed. The challenge here is to decide on what is a fair price. Any ideas?

Miniature Challenges
A miniature challenge - what would you pay for this?

A miniaturist's odyssey

And the final miniature challenge on this trip - Colleen Ironside's extremely large twelve scale house. Definitely her ongoing project.

Colleen's miniature challenge.

Colleen has been tackling this challenge room by room. So far she has done about three rooms. Only 12 to go!! As we wended our very wet rainy way back home to the Wairarapa I was thinking through the trip and how impressed I was with these amazing miniaturists. These are projects we would all find challenging. All the best to a great bunch of ladies!


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