Tudor magic & the Cricut Maker

Tudor magic is happening in my studio. I'm time travelling with a lot of help from my Cricut Maker I have made several stools and tables to put into my 24th scale Inn and it is starting to look more real.

The beauty of the Cricut is that it can cut out multiple pieces all the same size and shape very accurately. It's little downfall is that, in these times of limited supply, it is hard to get a card or board that is Cricut friendly and doesn't requite a lot of fiddling and extra cutting runs. This is from a Kiwi miniaturist. You can access board from a Cricut supplier in the States.

A Tudor table made from backing board on the Cricut machine.

In the end I made the tables from backing board which required multiple cuts and the stools from heavy card. All were painted Brown/Black acrylic paint and sealed with a low sheen clear coat of acrylic. The Inn looks busy now.

The kitchen in the Inn
The evening is getting underway.
Where my tables and stools ended up.

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