A Medieval Murder to solve.

Medieval Murder Display

This is a chance to solve an ancient Medieval murder. The background:

The year is 1150 AD
An old tower had been converted into two shops, one a bakery. Above one of the shops was a bedroom for the owner. However, for 20 years no-one had slept in that room save a few brave folks.
This room had a fearful reputation. It was haunted. Whoever spent a night in it was found dead the next morning, features contorted with fear.
So, of course, disbelievers had to try it out, from time to time, to see if this was true.
On this day in 1150 AD such a wager had been made. Three drinking buddies of the baker had been at the beer all day. One had mentioned the dreaded room upstairs. One said “Poppycock. That is just a silly tale. I will sleep in the room overnight. It has a strong door, and the shutters are high and fastened. What wrong can come to me?” He couldn’t be dissuaded.
The others, in trepidation, escorted him up the ladder to the room and he barred the door behind them.
Morning came. No noise from above. The mates fearfully hammered on the door. No answer. After a considerable amount of force, the door was opened. Inside, one dead man, features absolutely contorted with fear. The window was secure. The door had been secure. What or who had killed their friend?

Gruesome morning discovery
Murdered in a locked and barred room!
Neighbors knew nothing!

Medieval mysteries are on my reading list. This tale was too good to ignore. The whole building comes apart and packs into a suitcase to travel.

It will be displayed at Nelson Miniature Show on August 27th and 28th, 2022. If not solved it will be at the N.A.M.E convention in Christchurch, New Zealand in October. Give it a go. You can win a years digital subscription of Miniature Time Traveller, a magazine that covers the clever miniaturists in Australia and New Zealand. A bi-monthly, there are original projects to do and mini gossip to read.


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