Melbourne Miniature Fair 2022

Roger and I got to leave our country! First time in 3 years. What a liberation. We went to the Melbourne Miniature Fair. We took three years of issues of Miniature Time Traveller that hadn't been on Aussie shores. Along with other stuff we had six pieces of luggage in total.

Jill happy to be back in Fair weather land
Covid19 regulations meant bigger spaces between traders and unfortunately less traders but still a good chance to shop.
A good selection of goodies to buy.

The V A M E ladies also exhibited their work and this was of a high standard.

Kathie's Bar.

Lovely room. We had a marvelous time. Unfortunately our 6 pieces of luggage wanted to stay in Australia. We got the final pieces back a week after our return. New Zealand weather misbehaved itself while we were away and we had trouble getting home from the airport. The road collapsed (behind us), the bridges leading into our little village were closed due to flooding, hubby nearly got the car mired turning around on a narrow country road, and we did a long detour to Martinborough, four hours longer than normal. But hey, we got to go to the Melbourne Miniature Fair!


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