Successful Miniature Convention in Christchurch, NZ.

Eager miniaturists and the public flock to the sales tables.

In the first two days of the long anticipated NZAME Miniature Convention were well attended and busy. That all changed with coverage on the evening new by TVNZ showing mini houses, talking to key people and showing the owl making workshop. The next two days were extraordinarily busy. Crowd control was established on the front door. Many visitors remarked that they had never known the hobby existed and were gobsmacked by the work.

Visitor Eilish Bamber-Sawyer with her Vintage Halloween theme.

Miniaturists from clubs all over New Zealand brought their creations to exhibit. These conventions usually held every two years are eagerly anticipated. The theme for this one was "A trip down Memory Lane'.

The Lower Hutt Miniature Makers included a club display of past Conventions they had hosted, with 24th scale exhibits for Barbi doll visitors to admire.

Miniature Convention display of LHMM hosts over the years.
Ali Wakelin of North Shore Miniatures created a childhood experience, enthralled by Grandpa's teeth in a glass by the bed.

After two deferments due to Covid lockdowns miniaturists were willing and able to exhibit, both their work and themselves (at the convention dinner) and open their purses!

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