A Medieval Christmas

I wanted to create a Medieval Christmas scene in my 24th scale Tudor Hall. I needed lights. I had been putting it off I have to confess. But, I set aside a time and put the Hall on my workbench, collected up my LED lights and wiring and made a start. First I had to make Fimo candlesticks to attach to the walls. I made hollow Fimo candles to sit on them. I made furrows in the back so I could feed the 'stems' of the LED lights through the candle, bending them at right angles and out the two grooves. Then two holes were bored through the back wall at specific locations. I was putting lights in every room and one in the fireplace. At this stage I thought I was making all the positive anodes on the left so when I wired them up all would be good. Short story is that the first attempt didn't work so husband and expert at local Jaycar were seconded and the upshot of this was success. Three heads obviously work better than one in this regard. I was very pleased with the end result and my little people look like they are enjoying themselves.

A Medieval Christmas candle.

The Yule Candle

The Yule candle in Medieval times was carefully saved year to year and a new candle stuck on top of the old one. So there was always a piece of the previous Medieval Christmas on the table. They did get rather lumpy and I had fun making a lumpy one from Fimo.

A Medieval Christmas Feast made from Fimo. 1:12

I made 24th scale Fimo food for the Hall tables but thought I would show you my 12th scale Boars head. I did entertain the thought of having a Medieval Christmas dinner of my own but the granddaughters would have freaked out with the pigs head on my table and my vegetarian daughter-in-law would probably cut me out of her visiting list! Sigh! Times have certainly changed.

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  1. Beautiful attention to detail. Love the history about the candle. Yummy looking food. Fimo is an art which is an under recognized skill. And clever electricals which I completely avoid myself.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Debora. It is always so motivational!! Regards, Jill

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