Tudor Four Poster.

Tudor Four Poster -24th scale

Making a Tudor Inn was not enough! Now for the furniture. Oh heck. So for those who downloaded the instructions for the basic Tudor bed this one has been embellished very easily.

A simple way to create a 'turned spiral' leg.

I made four uprights using skewers cut to size and twisted string around them. Once painted they look very much like turned posts. These were pinned to the four corners. Next one I do will have the legs and uprights as one piece. The top was basically a tray made of MDF and card. The four uprights were glued into the inside corners of this top.

Lace strips were glued to the front faces of the legs and painted over. This makes very convincing wood carvings.

The bed curtains were a fiddle I have to say. A strip of faded material, hemmed and with a wider hem on the top to thread a strip of card through. This is so it fitted flat against the inside of the top and was glued in place.

As my Inn is a little downtrodden none of this furniture is supposed to look first class. Hence the rather shabby appearance.

I have ambitions now, to stitch a Tudor bedspread using an old design from an old book, in 24th scale. Totally mad now. No hope for me.