Tudor Tower who-dun-it?

Tower Interior

Finally I have finished my Tudor Tower who-dun-it project. This castle has a story. It had been destroyed in the past. The tower survived and an enterprising Medieval developer turned it into some shops and a drinking spot. But it has a murky past. A mysterious death in the top room. Then, for years, anyone who slept a night there was discovered the next day. Dead. With a rictus of horror on their face. Who dun it? A malicious ghost? When I take it to shows, next one in Nelson, New Zealand, a competition will be run. The person who solves the murder will get a gift. That's all I am saying here, right?

I wanted this Tudor Tower to deconstruct to take to shows. All the construction hinged around this. Now complete, we have a carpet seller on the ground floor, a baker on the other side and a sly grogger in the tower. And at a show, a body in the bedroom, a murder sheet and a quiz - who dun it?

Tudor Tower to go!

It all fits together with one screw holding one corner. The roof has an overhang that keeps all the walls in place. The tower pegs into a turntable which turns the tower into a hinge. I can get all these bits into a suitcase. And it takes about 15 minutes to put it all together again. A Tudor Tower who-dun-it finished after many intermittent months of work. While making the Tower, I also created some Tudor projects. I'm sharing this one, which is making a Tudor rope bed that you can download from here.

Making a Tudor rope bed tutorial available

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