Tudor Travails, a flat pack 24th scale hall.

My Tudor Travails started with a brilliant idea. I would make a 24th scale Tudor hall based on something I saw in my travels. It would pull apart and lay flat for taking to shows. It would have an interesting story. I would put the tower on a pivot to act as a hinge for the front wall. The tower would lift off its base for travel. All well and good. Most of it has come together. But I am working from scratch, no plans, from an image and mostly from inspiration in my head. It did not go easy!

The Image that inspired Tudor Travails.
The pivoting tower 'hinge'. The wall slides in and out of a slot in the tower.
Tudor Travails from the front. Sliding shutters to go on top window.

I soldiered on over several months. Shows kept getting cancelled because of Covid19. No hurry then. A year went past. All the stonework done. The detail on the walls done. Looming in the back of my mind was the roof. This had to be cut to allow for the angle of the tower. An attic floor idea was discarded. A dormer window idea flew out the door.

The detail on the walls that first drew me to the Tudor Travails concept.

And then the roof. Well I literally wrestled it into place. The card for the base twisted. The egg shell carton 'tiles' created more tension. It wouldn't sit flat on the base. A trip to the hardware store. Alligator glue purchased. Good stuff this. It expands as it dries and the thinking was a line of it around the inside rim of the roof and lots of clamps will achieve stability.

I will prevail over Tudor Travails. Some fancy ridge work to finish here.

Yah! It worked. Some fiddly work to finish off. The occupants are being assembled. Some stairs will have to be made to fit. The final story to complete. So more to come.

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