A knitted beach-loving family downunder

I've had this idea of a knitted 12th scale beach-loving family in my mind for ages. Originally there was going to be a little girl as well. It took some time to get these knitting patterns right and actually knitting my family. One good thing that came out of this was the same pattern for the legs will make good twelfth scale socks. The pattern for knitting the beach-loving family is in the December issue of Miniature Time Traveller. Frugal as always, I used a clean old pair of knickers to make Dad's shorts!


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'Miniature Time Traveller" is a specialized miniatures magazine published in New Zealand.  It focuses on the amazing talent we have here in Australia and New Zealand. In other words, 'down under'  to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our European settlers brought Victorian culture and influence into our countries at the time of their landing. As a result, this had a marked and important influence on our full sized architecture and furnishings. Likewise, in the miniature work being created here. Accordingly, the magazine includes coverage of excellent examples of the Georgian,  Regency, Victorian and Arts Movement houses.