Park your bottom on a miniature chair

Park your bottom on this comfy park bench.

Being a cardboard Queen, I made the frame of this miniature park bench out of strips of cardboard, glued together and painted. The slats were made of thin pieces of wood from a discount store. A bit of black paint and some glue and there you have it. But I had the bug - more chairs were needed. Below is one I made to go in a 1930's house.

Park your bottom on this comfy fireside chair
Park your bottom on this upholstered beauty.

I just let my imagination fly in doing this chair. I wanted it to be extraordinary. It will probably end up in my Steam Punk mansion.

Park your bottom on this cute bedroom chair

Back to good old cardboard and an empty toilet roll tube. This is one of my favourite go-to designs, a very cute bedroom chair. So versatile. These chairs are all twelfth scale.

And finally my boudoir chair also featuring cardboard.

Instructions for this little beauty are in the February issue.

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  1. Your work with cardboard is amazing and i love your 1930s chair too. I’m new to miniatures and fascinated by their creation from everyday supplies. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    1. Hi9 Maria, thanks a lot for the feedback. I am happyto share my work, and it is so motivational to hear it is valued. Warm regards, Jill

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