Victorians loved a folly!

A lot of garden projects have been coming up at my club and in my magazine as it is Summer in our neck of the woods. So I turned my attention to parks. And follies. Follies were popular with the Victorians. False ruins or grottos in one's large gardens gave the guests something to wonder at. And I have wondered at a few in my travels overseas. So I decided, after looking at a microwavable pudding bowl, that I could make one out of scraps. And this is the result. And this is what I used.

The instructions for the folly are in my February issue. Worth a go. Finally I had a use for a Brie cheese container, Paper plates, used Eftpos rolls and cardboard tubes. I mixed fine sand with my paint to give a textured finish. I have to say any Victorian gentleman would have derided my use of a pudding bowl and cardboard to make a folly.

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