Miniature Book ends. An obsession in the making.

Book ends give the miniaturist huge scope in showing off special little pieces. Our club is starting a series of them with the end point being a book end display in a local bookshop. The workshop convener is a very experienced miniaturist, Rio Cox from the Greytown Miniature Makers and Lower Hutt Miniature Club. Rio's garden book ends are inspirational.

Just prior to Christmas I had independently started my own fascination with book ends.

It was all about incorporating a few pieces of my own Art Deco items and creating a story. I used scrap timber from my workshop for the book end and finished it with French Polish. Not content with that I explored using more old timber and created a Steam Punkish pair of book ends.

And now I can't get bookends out of my head. Fortunately my club members are also hooked and we have started doing some more. So watch this space. The beauty of this is I am slowly clearing out my scrap timber.

A preview of what's next

Above is a preview of my next bookend. A blue scene. I have included an article in the February Issue on transferring designs onto wood and material and I have used that technique here on the table top and cushion. The other side will be a corresponding inside scene with a blue theme as well. Rio is providing all sorts of ideas on wall and floor finishes. An obsession? Well, it is kinda addictive isn't it?

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