Making a 1:12th scale truck.

It started with a model Bentley my husband brought me for last Christmas. Then I was inspired by Robyn and Dennis Tapp (paper crafters) and their truck, below. So I download a SVG file for a truck and made my little green model 1:12 scale truck. That was fun.

Robyn and Dennis Tapp's brewery truck.

Then a chance came up to do a Christmas display for a local bookshop and the idea of a 12th scale Christmas parade took root. A truck was needed. Maybe two.

This truck needed a bit of improvising to make it bigger. The truck wheels were printed on my 3D printer. Then another truck was needed.

It is a change in direction for a dyed in the wool dollhouse miniaturist but it is creative work. I am creative. Makes sense!

More detail on these 1:12 scale trucks: I downloaded the file from Simply Crafty. I cut the pieces out on my Cricut machine. Adaptions were the wheels. The green truck has totally card wheels from the file. The brown truck has 3D printed ones, the blue truck has wheels made by gluing two specialized pill containers together. They has corrugated rims which made for a perfect wheel. The truck beds were either extended or made flat (in the case of the blue truck) or as a box, painted to look like wood. A lesson learned: if you want a driver, put them in the cab before the final glue up of the cab. The blue truck's driver was most uncooperative when trying to place her on the seat through the back window. I am not saying I am giving up on dollhouses but I must admit that I am thinking of a motorhome next!

The 1:12 miniature parade in Almos book shop window. Great feedback from locals.

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  1. These are really great. It even looks achievable for a die hard 1:12 scale dollhouse maker like me.
    Are you able to sell sheets for us to cut, fold and decorate as I think it would be a great idea and I don’t have a cricut machine. Just a suggestion.

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