An Artful Move…

Miniature Arts and Crafts Chair
Miniature Dolls House
Arts Movement Miniature

The Arts movement is one of my favorite periods. Miniatures make it so much easier to recreate houses etc in this theme. My inspiration was a 'bucket' chair belonging to a friend.  I rushed home and quickly created mine in 12th scale. The cushion was hand stitched by a very clever member of our club, Barry Allen. I picked out three of his cushions from a Christmas mystery dip. Boy was I thrilled.Next came the house, cut out by a clever local man and put together by myself. What fun I had with this.  All the wallpapers are either William Morris or A. Crane, off the internet.  The lounge has a frieze with a riddle by Byron running around underneath it.  There's a challenge for you. Find the riddle. And the answer! 

And Mac, remember him, my little time traveller... Well a good traveller never goes past a bed or a toilet.

Little Mac finds the Loo
Mac finds a loo