This Little Pig went to Market

My husband hates markets, avoiding them whenever possible. Image his chagrin when he woke up one morning in a little French village and there was a market right outside the front door. Springing up, as it were, in the early hours of the morning. Imagine my delight.  I spied some beautifully turned tableware that I just had to have.  Then they had to have a room to be put in. This was my very first room box.

Turned Wood

Two French friends play Chess each Tuesday. Jacques is a shepherd and Pierre is the local baker.   They share a meal and a glass of wine. The cat sits by the ornate gas heater.  Regardless of the weather inside is always warm and cosy.  Mac was very happy to sit and play with the cat.

Little Mac at Chess

He had brought a bottle of Murdoch James Pinot Noir  (from the family's vineyard) as a thank you gift as he had dropped in unexpectedly. Pierre won I have to say.

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