Introducing Little Mac

Introducing Little Mac

Introducing little Mac - Mac is a Time Traveller. He will link my miniature themes together.

I get totally inspired by Art in Decades - the Arts Movement, Art Deco, Steampunk, and history, the Georgians, the Regency Ara, The Victorians, Early Settlers, and the 1940's. Arghh!! The list goes on. An extravagant purchase of a John Davenport writing slope resulted in a Georgian House created from a half finished house left on my doorstep by my niece Verity.

Georgian Miniature Desk
Introducing little Mac

Another miniature family had to be brought to life to inhabit Appleby Mansion.  The Squire was most astonished to find Little Mac in his room. Fortunately all his other guests had retired to the dining room. 

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  1. Nice little guy Jill. Make sure he does not take over. These mini guys can be hard to manage!!

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