Hello world! Introducing My New Blog and Website

I am an artistic designing woman. Over the year's I have created clothing, knitwear, houses, furniture, gardens and businesses. Now I'm creating a new blog and website to share all that!

Dolls House Frontages for new blog and website

Now I do it all in 1/12 scale, sharing it through my new blog and website.  

I have studied fine arts, worked with a master builder and exhibited my paintings and miniatures.

Joining a Miniature Makers club was a joy to me; like-minded, eclectic, thinkers.

Through my new blog and website, I hope to bring this joy to you and, through sharing, we can inspire one another too!

If you would like recent miniatures news and other interesting projects, check out our miniatures publication. There are always at least 3 brand new exciting projects in each issue of Miniature Time Traveller magazine. In addition, the magazine contains detailed reviews of shows and conventions, interviews with talented miniaturists, fun children's projects, and articles on miniatures in general. This highly regarded magazine is published bi-monthly. It has a strong focus on the work of New Zealand and Australian miniaturists. Subscription details are here. Remember, all digital subscriptions enjoy a 14 day free trial period, and access to all back issues, at no cost. And, if you'd like to preview an earlier issue, here is a link to a free digital copy.

You can also look out for us at Miniatura, the AMEA convention or smaller events like VAMA and NZAME events

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