Holidays? Who has those?

I set myself a busy miniature schedule this year. Finish my wrecked and refurbished villa, complete two room boxes for the LHMM convention in October, and furnish and fill  two 12th scale  shops for the same convention.

Along with maintaining my 'real' job and publishing the magazine.  One of the joys of doing the magazine is that I get to go to some interesting Mini Fairs. And meet some amazing miniaturists.

Canberra Miniature Show
ACTME show Canberra

And there was the fun I had doing Medieval things for the theme of the April Magazine.

Miniature Jester Head
My Happy Jester head and hands in Sculpey
Little Minnie
Minnie patiently waiting for her tea.

My little dog first comes to tell me she's hungry, then she goes and stamps in her empty bowl. This 'Minnie' definitely thinks she is first priority and indeed she is!

And my banquet scene with hoary old boar head!

Miniature Banquet

Made after I had fed Minnie! Regards, Jill