Villa morphs into a Terrace House

That was a hard weekends work. Who said this miniature stuff was a HOBBY!

After tasking a saw to my villa (sawed it in half) I am working on turning it into a Victorian Terrace House, viewed from the side.  So I save my bay window that I was so proud of.  I have added a kitchen. Put in all the mouldings, made two fires and one fireplace, papered the kitchen, didn't like it and then painted it with three coats of paint, and made a back door. I did some detail work on the ceilings to simulate ornate plaster work. Finally the whole thing was assembled and screwed together.

Miniature Villa under Construction
Ready for the top floor to be made.
Miniature Villa - WIP
The starting point before the weekend

Now for the next stage - building a top floor and a bay window that echos the one below. Had to spend some time thinking about this in bed last night.  Stay posted.