New Miniature Magazine now published

Digital Library - Issue 1, January 2018

This seemed like a natural development for me. One of the English Miniature Magazines amalgamated with another, and I thought "no-one really features Down Under Miniaturists from Australia and New Zealand".  I know a lot of these clever people, have a background in commercial art and design and put together countless monthly newsletters for associations and clubs I have belonged to over the years. Why not publish my own magazine I concluded. This first issue is the outcome - I hope you like it. I'm thrilled with the first issue!

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I would really value any support and feedback.  Jilly.


  1. Hi there! Your hubby came into our North Shore cLub last Saturday and we were excited to hear about this. Will it be on line or will hard copies be available and if so, where do we buy them from? Cheers!

    1. Hi Liz, sorry about the delay in the reply. The mag is not online at present. Just teething, but will be in the future. At present it is a bi-monthly and a sub for the year is $45. Send me an email on and we can organise it. I have included a lot of articles on the NS club in the October issue. And I have upped the weight of the paper so it should be last for all those for future references. rEGARDS, jILL

  2. I was pleased to meet the lady behind the magazine.

    A great first magazine. Can’t wait for whats to come.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Rose. If you know anyone who may like to subscribe, there is now a store button on our website that can be used. Any feedback you have on the magazine would be great too. My email is
      Warm regards, Jill

    2. Rose, the next issue is out mid October and I am just finalising it. NS Miniatures features quite a lot in this one. Hope you like it.

  3. Hi Jill, it would be good to update the blog to show subscription rates and contact address details

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