Adding punch to your work

Miniature Punch and Judy

In the latest issue I have gone a bit medieval. Inspired by Barbara Keeling's castle no doubt. I had fun making some stocks. I had even more fun working out how to use LilyPad lighting. This is something you have to explore. It is washable wearable lighting and my school teacher sister had been getting her craft class to make flashing wrist bracelets with it. I had to have a play. I was making a Punch and Judy show so decided to enhance the back curtain with these cute little lights. They run off a flat 3v battery. Try them out, it is a great way of adding punch to your work.

Punch and Judy Lighting
Lighting fun with LilyPad lights. Google them.

And then there was my little man in the stocks. The instructions for building these are in the June Issue about to be published.

Mini in Stocks
Only 4 hours to go mate!

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