Miniature Birds in Felt

Recently I attended a workshop on making miniature felt creatures. Well, if there is anything destined to make one humble this was it. It is probably easier to make larger animals but when you are making tiny ears, it is a painful experience. Those needles are not only sharp, they are barbed. Bandages were supplied with the kit! But with my new found experience I elected to make some miniature birds in felt to go in a Victorian stuffed bird arrangement. A whole Saturday was allocated to that. The end result was several realistic dead birds. With a scruffy beaten look the most realistic part was their feet. Nup, felt was out for the moment.

Failed Saddleback

So - it was back to the Fimo and much more successful.

Victorian bird arrangement
A mixture of Fimo, feathers, and a cotton wool bud owl thingie!!

I did have aspirations to do an arrangement of New Zealand birds but my saddleback turned into the scruffy crow and three attempts at a Kingfisher came to nought. So my finished flock is a mixture of whatever worked. Much more realistic and better for the sanity. The little rock on the left is a 25 million year old piece of fossilized shell.

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