Still Flying with the Birds

Flying with the birds

I promise I will soon stop flying with the birds and move on to something else! I am creating a Tudor Hall kit for my club members and so I can see lots of medieval ideas getting into the queue in my mind. First I have been exploring the creepy predilection that the Victorians had with stuffed dead things. I made a couple of 12th scale arrangements that will go in a Gentleman's Study.

Flying with the birds

The birds were made mostly from Fimo with a few real feathers attached. The little owl like guy is a tip of a cotton wool ear bud. I have written about this more fully in the upcoming August issue. Check my work out. I really enjoyed making these wee guys!


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Our European settlers brought Victorian culture and influence into our countries at the time of their landing. As a result, this had a marked and important influence on our full sized architecture and furnishings. Likewise, in the miniature work being created here. Accordingly, the magazine includes coverage of excellent examples of the Georgian,  Regency, Victorian and Arts Movement houses.

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