Immortalizing family history in miniature

Miniature houses are great places to immortalize your family. Incorporate family photos, favourite pets, interests, and meaningful items into your work. The gentleman's den was an opportunity for me to carry forward our family history in miniature.

This story is in the August issue.

Reminders of family history in the Turner family

This gentleman's study evolved from the making of an orrery and a glass cabinet of stuffed birds. The result, a cosy den for my gentleman to savor his wine and read his favourite books with reminders of his family history around him. The top photo on the wall is himself, William Turner Esq. and below is a painting of a Scottish Revier, a strong thread through William's family history. He was born on the borders. His aligned families were the Elliots, Turners and the Telfords and Kerrs. He was interested in horses, trained sheepdogs, his sons were shepherds and farm managers. He was interested in nature, the stars and loved reading. His great love really. This was so much fun to put together.