Tudor Medieval Dollhouse – 1:24 Scale

This lockdown has seen me almost full time in the studio. I'm working on a Tudor Dollhouse Delight, 1:24 scale medieval Weldon house for my small miniature club. I have to do six kits. Had I known how much timber I had to cut I would have had second thoughts. But it is coming on ok. How intimidating for the members, I don't know. It is made of foam board on a MDF grooved base. The wood detailing is offcuts of Rimu from my workshop. Most are 2mm thick, some 1mm thick. Tricky to cut on my full sized table saw. I am most careful.

It started as a personal home but has evolved into a medieval Inn. Why fight it? Inns have lots of potential. Already on my 3d printer I have made 24th scale tankards, baskets and sacks for the kitchen, cauldrons, and some people. I feel a bit guilty in that I am having so much fun when the world is going to custard around me. But miniature dollhouses keep me sane!

This is the drawn up beam placements for the typical medieval paneling. The 1st floor slots between two beams.

Next the walls were painted and the wood detail glued on. The central fireplace. a stone medieval one, is going to be a separate work shop by another member, Kaylene.
It was going to be a private house but has somehow turned into an Inn. Some of my 24th scale, 3D printed, and made from Fimo, medieval staff.
The entertainment, a travelling bard and his lady, the singer. Common in the medieval world.

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