Tudor times in New Zealand!

Tudor Building

This hall is made from 3mm foam board, machined Native timbers and a card tile roof. It is a departure for me. While I encourage downunder miniaturists to create our unique styles here, sometimes you just got to go with the Tudor theme because it is so darn creative. This Tudor hall kit was made for the members of the Greytown Miniature Makers and they are working away on these at home. We do little workshops that will help fit them out. Not all members are keeping their Tudor hall in the 1100's. Some are modernizing them.

This is 24th scale, made of 3mm foam board and native timber framing, with a card tile roof.

I got this design out of a Dollhouse and Miniature Scene magazine. It was designed by David Weller who has since passed away. He did workshops on Wealdon Houses. This was one.

My 3d printer was invaluable in printing out the staff for this Inn. Here is Gerald the innkeeper.

The life-size house was built in the 15th century but would have undergone many changes over the past 500 years.  For example chimneys and cooking areas have changed. Kitchens were in a separate shed in the back garden.  An internal garderobe has been omitted. This dropped toilet waste directly to a pit accessible from the outside for removal. In this there is no bathroom. Likewise no kitchen. My little people have cooks out the back and the food is brought into the serving room on the right to be plated up for the patrons.

Some more staff.

The Inn Keepers wife. She is made of Fimo and stands about 2.5 inches tall.
The work is hinged so the front folds up and against the bottom of the roof and the roof swings back to the interior is visible and can be worked on. This shows off all the Tudor paneling and framing.