Riverside Cottage Part 2

John Duff, a member of the Lower Hutt Miniature Club, gave us all a kit to make up a Tuscan themed inside/outside scenario. 12th scale. I decided mine had to be a riverside cottage as I had A BOAT. Then one thing led to another and a further decision was made to add on the rest of the cottage. Like a piece of jigsaw. So, this is what I have been doing over the last month.

Fisherman's miniature room box
The outside scene and a wall and front door and the kitchen left of the line is a separate piece. The rest of the cottage, still being finished off, slots against it with the right hand wall and front wrapping around it.

What I really wanted was a room where I could show off my very creative bed and the bedside tables made from toilet roll inners. A roof is to be made and the door to the bathroom fitted.

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