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Only one week left to enter our "Guess the Dollshouse" competition, and go into the draw for FREE Miniaturist Magazines. So here is the final clue: the child owner's first name means constancy or faithfulness.

Previous clues were: A photograph from one of the rooms of the house, that it is not a house that receives as much publicity as some of the more famous ones, it is now on display in a Guildhall museum in the England, the house was given to the original owner by her uncle (John) in 1882, and the original owner's surname is same as a well-known British author, who was a diplomat and WWII fighter pilot

All correct entries received by 14 November will go into the draw for 3 free issues of our magazine 'Miniature Time Traveller'.
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Riverside Cottage Part 2

John Duff, a member of the Lower Hutt Miniature Club, gave us all a kit to make up a Tuscan themed inside/outside scenario. 12th scale. I decided mine had to be a riverside cottage as I had A BOAT. Then one thing led to another and a further decision was made to add on the rest of the cottage. Like a piece of jigsaw. So, this is what I have been doing over the last month.

The outside scene and a wall and front door and the kitchen left of the line is a separate piece. The rest of the cottage, still being finished off, slots against it with the right hand wall and front wrapping around it.

What I really wanted was a room where I could show off my very creative bed and the bedside tables made from toilet roll inners. A roof is to be made and the door to the bathroom fitted.

To see more of my work, and find our more about the magazine I publish, please click HERE

Kit-set Tables and Chairs

Kit-set tables and chairs to make.

In the April Issue of the Miniature Time Traveller, only available digitally at present, free on request, there were instructions for three different stylish chairs. The chairperson of the committee of three demanded they have tables to match! So in the June Issue there will be instructions for three stylish tables.

12th scale kit-set table and chairs made from PVA
The first of three side tables, both items made from plumbers PVA piping of different diameters.

Lockdown Kids projects two and three

Now fully committed and seeing the magnificent half page I was allocated in the Saturday issue of the Wairarapa Times Age, the next two projects came quickly. A table to go with the chair and a little space to put them in.

A table made from a soup stock box wrapped with string and an old coaster.
A room made from a cut down cardboard box. (Six pack wine box actually- drank the wine!)