Riverside Cottage Part 3

I am trying to get this project finished by the end of November. Progress is good. I have completed the top floor. The house slots in nicely with the initial front scene and part of the kitchen. It is a jigsaw house. First came the front scenario, with flagged yard, old fisherman and his boat and cat. A grape vine and on the inside was the front entry and part of the kitchen. It stands alone but I felt it needed a cottage! So I have built a cottage, minus that bit, and the cottage now nestles up to it. The final piece is the roof which has been tiled painted it's basic colour and is now up to being weathered.

Miniature Room Boix

Where the front yard starts in this image is the front entry and part of the kitchen up to the line on the tile floor. The stairwell overlaps the front entry floor. I will have to show you it in more detail when I get the roof completed.

Miniature Closet

I cunningly hid the battery to power the lights in the wardrobe. I plan to make clothes that will drape over this and paste a photo of a line of shoes, on the divider. This projects has definitely grown like Topsy!

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