Christmas is coming – arghh!

I love Christmas. I love decorating my tree. I love wrapping up presents. What I don't love is some of the pressures that come with Christmas. Mostly self inflicted. I have my famous Worcestershire Sauce to make (for gifts). Some Limoncello to make (for gifts - mostly) as the lemon tree has produced bigtime this year. But I need to make Lemon Curd at the same time to use the lemons all up. More gifts! And there are miniature stresses as well. Getting organized for the club's Xmas lunch, finishing off projects, getting the December issue bedded down and - oh yes- buying the family their presents. Gosh, almost forgot that. Part of a Christmas workshop is a Christmas table setting and so I have been making little black Robins to feature in this.

My favourite so far is the middle one at the back. Next is Holly and red berries and tinsel and stuff.