The Jigsaw Cottage Miniature Project

Miniature Cottage
From the back it looks fairly normal

My latest miniature project project started off as an inside/outside scenario, with the kit provided by John Duff, Lower Hutt Miniature Makers. His intention was to create a Provencal or Tuscan scene. My last trip was to France, and I had started making a lot of French Shabby Chic furniture so as a result the theme worked really well.

I'm really pleased with the 'outside', which shows an old river fisherman, his boat and cat. This called for some realism in the vines, the flagstones (made from wine box inners) and the rough cast finish of the wall. The 'inside' consisted of the front porch and a little bit of kitchen.

The scenario was almost finished but I needed to put my furniture somewhere! So I built, from scratch, a cottage that would fit around it. The inside/outside scene can be displayed separately if needed.

The front slides easily into the remaining shape of the cottage.

The outside of my fisherman's cottage. It sets the scene for what may be inside

This addition gave me a bit bigger kitchen, a toilet, a staircase, an upstairs bathroom and a bedroom.

And, now, I get to show off my French bed and side cabinets, my toilet roll chair (in the bedroom), plus a sofa that hasn't had a home for a while. I'm happy! I will introduce you to the fisherman and his wife next week. Stay in touch to see how my miniature project evolves 🙂

Miniature Cottage front opens

Jill Fraser, Miniature Time Traveller Magazine