The postal service is going down the toilet!

Remodeling an old bathroom, for postal service post

I have the December issue of the magazine at the printer and will be able to post it away to subscribers in Australia and New Zealand by the end of the week. I am hopeful they will get it, and it's festive season projects, before Christmas. The rush is because the postal service to Australia is taking 8 weeks, or more at present. This issue is being printed three weeks earlier than usual because of the postal problem.

Ironically, I spent the last week remodeling a bathroom in an existing house. I had a go at making a modern toilet out of a toilet roll inner. It gave me the idea for the heading of this post about the postal service!

You can read about how I made the toilet in the December Issue. It has given me more ideas and I am now working on another way to make them with card.

I took delivery of a 3 D printer last week and could probably have printed one out, but half the fun is making miniatures from practically nothing.

Another little project was some Zodiac Art pieces to put on Miniature Doll House walls. They are 1 & 1/2 inches high. The image is cut out on a Cricut machine. As is the mat, the backing card and, although not shown here, the acetate to go over it.

An example of how i use my Cricutter

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